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Lollipops by The Color Project

Lollipops use light and reflection in an interactive public art experience. Airbrushed convex mirrors are mounted on posts with handles that turn 360 degrees, allowing colors to blend, causing delight and suprise. The Lollipops are fabricated with industrial grade materials intended for permanent or temporary installation.

Suitable for use in libraries – schools – playgrounds – hospitals – museums – waiting areas daycare facilities – festivals- camps – street fairs – retreats.

Lollipops are available in three sizes customized for your installation or event.


Mini pops, Garden Pops, Big pops.


About us

We are a team of artists and designers that study and apply color and light therapies. The Color Project can shift the way we interact with objects in the world and consider ourselves relative to other humans.

The Lollipops are custom fabricated in our studio located near Roanoke, VA

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