Big Pops

Big Pops

Big Pops

A fun, unique and aesthetically pleasing experiment in blending color by using light and reflection.

A set of convex mirrors, airbrushed, two-foot in diameter, and mounted with handles that turn 360 degrees. The discs are secured to posts that can be set at heights for children or adults. The sculptures are installed permanently with anchors in the ground, or temporarily with movable bases. The installation is ADA accessible with room to pass through and explore. Sold in sets of three in a triangular display. Sold in sets of four displayed linearly along a path, or as a square on a table. 

Set of three in a triangle: Call for pricing

Set of four in a line: Call for pricing

Set of eight in a v: Call for pricing

Set of nine in three triangles: Call for pricing

prices do not include delivery or installation

please ask about rental pricing